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> Car Exteriors

Get the shine back on your car with 3M Exteriors treatment. Our one-time treatment helps you undo the defacing effects of the rust, scratches, dents, peeled paint and protect its outer body for a continued shine.

UV Protection – For new cars
Shield your car from UV rays with the 3M UV Protection. Keep your paint looking bright and protects it from natural oxidation. Our paint protection treatment ensures more durable and glossy paint coat.

UV Protection – For cars over 6 months
Give your car a lasting shine with the 3M UV Protection treatment. The protective coat makes the exterior repel bird dropping, heat, acid rain, road salt and bug residue and clean up easily. This treatment scores over a car waxing.

Exterior Beautification

Get your car a total clean up and glossy look with the 3M Exterior Beautification treatment. 3M does an intensive clean up of the engine compartment, tyres, glasses, bumpers and rubber/plastic parts. The clean car is then given a surface coating for the final touch of gloss.

Minor Scratch Removal & Surface Refinement

Get a spotless looking car with the 3M Minor Scratch Removal and Surface Enhancement treatment. We clear light or medium scratches, oxidation, stains and paint imperfections giving way to a glossy, durable, fresh painted finish. This process cleans and rejuvenates the painted surfaces, engine compartment, tyres, glass and rubber or vinyl parts.


> 3m Interior Cleaning


Enjoy car interiors that are pristinely clean with a fresh feel with 3M Interiors Protection treatment. 3M cleans the interiors of dust, dirt, mites and germs. A special conditioning treatment is given to the carpets, upholstery, vinyl, plastic/rubber surfaces leaving the inside of your car thoroughly clean, hygienic and fresh.
Interior Enrichment

Keep your car dirt free and squeaky clean with the 3M Interior Enrichment. The service cleans car interior, removes dirt & marks in 20 different areas of the interior surface.

This package includes

  • Complete interior vacuuming and cleaning of seats, roof, floor, side panels and boot area
  • Wet extraction with 3M All Purpose Cleaner
  • Dashboard cleaning and dressing
  • Cleaning and polish of interior plastic parts
  • Glass cleaning

Premium Interior Enrichment

Refresh your car interiors with the 3M Premium Interior Enrichment. The service cleans the interior of your car with a premium foam based product.

This package includes

  • Complete interior cleaning including seats, roof, floor, side panels using premium foam based product
  • Dashboard dressing
  • Cleaning and polish of interior plastic parts
  • Glass cleaning

Scotchgard Protector

3M Scotchgard fabric and carpet protectors enable you to protect car interiors against liquid spills thus allowing you enjoy the NEWNESS of the car for long.New flaunt your seats without hiding them under plastic or seat covers.

Benefits :

  • A premium interior protection developed to address the issue of permanent stain in cars
  • Works against stains caused bby Coffee, Tea, Soft drinks, Alcoholic beverages, Ketchup, etc
  • Retains original look and feel of the fabric


> Car Underbody


Keep the underbody and other parts of your car free from rust and corrosion with the 3M™ Anti-corrosion Treatments. 3M offers you a long term solution for issues related to corrosion and rust.

Underbody Protection

It shields the car from the effects of water and time on the underbody of your vehicle. It minimizes sound underneath the vehicle, insulates against the heat & cold and prevents chipping due to stones.

  • Long term rust-proofing of the underbodies of vehicles
  • Towards a noiseless and a smoother driving experience for you
  • Keeps the coated area of the vehicle from chipping on friction with stones or sharp object on the road

Internal Panel Protection

It coats the internal door panels, frame rails, inner rocker panels and physically inaccessible cavities offering them long-term protection against rust.

  • Protective coating for internal body panels, frame rails and other inner cavities inaccessible yet prone to corrosion
  • Insulates the interior of the vehicle from extreme temperatures from beneath the vehicle

> Car Window Tint

Car window tint maximizes your cool factor in more ways than one. Window tint blocks heat, reduces glare and helps reduce interior fading. Window tinting creates a look that allows you to rev up the style. Stay connected with our non-metallized window film options, stay protected with SPF factors up to 1,000. Put the innovation of 3M window tinting to work for you.

3M Sun Control Window Films

> ScotchGard TM Paint Protection Film

> NoMad TM Car Mats

> 3M Wrap Film 1080


3m description gloss

Long lasting and removable film, fused with a dual layer developed for colour change and partial or full decoration of vehicles, boats and airplanes. Available in over 73 finishes and colours
3M Wrap Film 1080-G323 Gloss Raspberry Fizz,3M Wrap Film 1080-G327 Gloss Atlantis Blue,3M Wrap Film 1080-G335 Gloss Lemon Sting,3M Wrap Film 1080-G336 Gloss Green Envy,3M Wrap Film 1080-G344 Gloss Liquid Copper,3M Wrap Film 1080-G348 Gloss Fierce Fuchsia,3M Wrap Film 1080-G356 Gloss Atomic Teal,3M Wrap Film 1080-G363 Gloss Dragon Fire Red,3M Wrap Film 1080-G364 Gloss Fiery Orange,3M Wrap Film 1080-G377 Gloss Cosmic Blue,3M Wrap Film 1080-G378 Gloss Blue Raspberry,3M Wrap Film 1080-GP99 Gloss Black Rose,3M Wrap Film 1080-M10 Matte White,3M Wrap Film 1080-M103 Matte Hot Pink,3M Wrap Film 1080-M12 Matte Black,3M Wrap Film 1080-M13 Matte Hotrod Red,3M Wrap Film 1080-M15 Matte Bright Yellow,3M Wrap Film 1080-M196 Matte Apple Green,3M Wrap Film 1080-M21 Matte Silver,3M Wrap Film 1080-M22 Matte Deep Black,3M Wrap Film 1080-M26 Matte Military Green,3M Wrap Film 1080-M27 Matte Dark Navy,3M Wrap Film 1080-M38 Matte Royal Purple,3M Wrap Film 1080-M54 Matte Orange,3M Wrap Film 1080-CF12 Carbon Fiber Black,3M Wrap Film 1080-G10 Gloss White,3M Wrap Film 1080-G103 Gloss Hot Pink,3M Wrap Film 1080-G12 Gloss Black,3M Wrap Film 1080-G13 Gloss Hotrod Red,3M Wrap Film 1080-G14 Gloss Burnt Orange,3M Wrap Film 1080-G15 Gloss Bright Yellow,3M Wrap Film 1080-G25 Gloss Sunflower,3M Wrap Film 1080-G46 Gloss Kelly Green,3M Wrap Film 1080-G47 Gloss Intense Blue,3M Wrap Film 1080-G54 Gloss Bright Orange,3M Wrap Film 1080-G77 Gloss Sky Blue,3M Wrap Film 1080-G79 Gloss Light Ivory,3M Wrap Film 1080-G83 Gloss Dark Red,3M Wrap Film 1080-SF12 Carbon Fiber Black (Ex CF12),3M Wrap Film 1080-BR241 Brushed Gold,3M Wrap Film 1080-G120 Gloss White Aluminum,3M Wrap Film 1080-G201 Gloss Anthracite,3M Wrap Film 1080-G203 Gloss Red Metallic,3M Wrap Film 1080-G211 Gloss Charcoal Metallic,3M Wrap Film 1080-G212 Gloss Black Metallic,3M Wrap Film 1080-G217 Gloss Blue Steel Metallic,3M Wrap Film 1080-G227 Gloss Blue Metallic,3M Wrap Film 1080-G241 Gloss Gold Metallic,3M Wrap Film 1080-G251 Gloss Sterling Silver,3M Wrap Film 1080-M203 Matte Red Metallic,3M Wrap Film 1080-M206 Matte Pine Green Metallic,3M Wrap Film 1080-M209 Matte Brown Metallic,3M Wrap Film 1080-M211 Matte Charcoal Metallic,3M Wrap Film 1080-M227 Matte Blue Metallic,3M Wrap Film 1080-M229 Matte Copper Metallic,3M Wrap Film 1080-M230 Matte Gray Aluminum,3M Wrap Film 1080-M261 Matte Dark Gray,3M Wrap Film 1080-CF10 Carbon Fiber White,3M Wrap Film 1080-CF201 Carbon Fiber Anthracite,3M Wrap Film 1080-BR120 Brushed Aluminum,3M Wrap Film 1080-BR201 Brushed Steel,3M Wrap Film 1080-BR212 Brushed Black Metallic,3M Wrap Film 1080-BR217 Brushed Steel Blue,3M Wrap Film 1080-BR230 Brushed Titanium,3M Wrap Film 1080-S10 Satin White,3M Wrap Film 1080-S12 Satin Black,3M Wrap Film 1080-S120 Satin White Aluminium,3M Wrap Film 1080-SP10 Satin Pearl White,3M Wrap Film 1080-S327 Satin Ocean Shimmer,3M Wrap Film 1080-S335 Satin Bitter Yellow,3M Wrap Film 1080-S336 Satin Sheer Luck Green,3M Wrap Film 1080-S344 Satin Canyon Copper,3M Wrap Film 1080-S347 Satin Perfect Blue,3M Wrap Film 1080-S378 Satin Mystique Blue.